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Selected ASIC modifications to Chapters 6-6C of the Corporations Act

The provisions of the Corporations Act relating to takeovers, compulsory acquisition and substantial holding notices have been extensively modified by ASIC legislative instruments.  The document below shows the effect of certain widely applicable ASIC modifications in "mark up". 

Users must check that the provisions and modifications shown are complete, accurate and current before relying.

Accessing the document

Use the document viewer below to access the document:

  •        (top bar, left hand side) - search

  • - +  (top bar, centre) - zoom out/in

  •        (top bar, right hand side) - open document in new window

In the document itself:

  • Click on item in contents page to go to it

  • Click on instrument number in footnote (eg CO 13/520) to go to the registered instrument. Note: If it does not say "In force - Latest Version" (top left panel) it is no longer current


If you can't see the document, try:

  • using another browser (eg Chrome)

  • using your home computer or personal mobile device

  • changing your security settings

If all else fails, you can download a pdf here